Tax Law

Tax Law

As a taxpayer—business, personal, or both—the likelihood of being audited is omnipresent. Additionally, if the IRS or other taxing entity catches wind of strange activity—like unusually high deductions, persistent unprofitability, or a red flag transaction—they can opt into an audit—and eventually impose stiff back taxes, frightening fees, and truly punitive penalties—monetary or otherwise.

Creating Tax-Friendly Deal Structures

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that the better you do, the more taxes you are likely to pay (proportionately speaking). Adept tax and business law professionals, our attorneys can assist business owners and financial executives to create tax-friendly corporate structuring, M&A’s, and other transactions—onshore and offshore.

In the case of an audit, our interest is in protecting your rights—and ensuring your tax liability—is limited to what is equitable and fair. We can deal with the IRS (or other taxing entity) wholly on your behalf, negotiating, defending your right, and carefully avoiding penalties and/or escalation. We’ll also help you resolve any issues with back taxes by negotiating with the IRS (or state or local entities) to minimize overall fees. Look to us to help you understand the complex areas of tax laws—and find the best possible settlement solution.

Keeping Your Taxes Under Control

When it comes to personal matters, taxes can often serve as an unpleasant—and expensive—surprise. With deep knowledge in real estate law, the attorneys at Custer & Custer have helped both the buyers and sellers sides avoid overpaying and benefit from certain provisions during real estate transactions.

While you are alive, we will work in conjunction with your CPA to proactively plan your finances, taking advantage of favorable structures, policies, and loopholes. When planning your estate, we work carefully to minimize Pennsylvania inheritance and federal estate taxes, as well as help you file the necessary paperwork. During estate administration, we strive to reduce your personal income and trust/estate income tax, ensuring your beneficiaries receive the bulk of your estate.

Taxes are complex and tricky. Don’t let them fool you. Trust Custer & Custer as your tax law guides.