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Business Law

Business is thriving. You’ve got a solid base of customers and clients—and more on their way. But no matter how well you’re doing, the unexpected...
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Estate Planning

Most people prefer not to think about death—ever. But so long as you own property or have dependents, you need to account for grim possibilities....
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Estate Administration

For those left behind, death can be more challenging than just losing someone you love. Proper distribution of the deceased’s estate can be a technical...
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Real Estate Law

Whether you’re an investor or not, a first-time buyer or a serial property owner, acquiring new real estate is exciting. For residents, a new property...
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Tax Law

As a taxpayer—business, personal, or both—the likelihood of being audited is omnipresent. Additionally, if the IRS or other taxing entity catches wind of strange activity—like...
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Employment Law

Beyond the day-to-day of managing people, having employees or even contractors comes with specific legal responsibilities. There are compliance requirements, liability concerns, things you have...
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