Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Whether you’re an investor or not, a first-time buyer or a serial property owner, acquiring new real estate is exciting. For residents, a new property represents a fresh chapter of life. For investors or businesses, it can reflect physical growth, expansion possibilities, rental revenue, and more. But without careful due diligence, a real estate transaction may not stand on its own—or may cause a number of issues down the line. Our attorneys can advise you through purchase, sale, and leasing, ensuring clean transfers and foolproof property rights.

Realize Top-Notch Value

The lawyers at Custer & Custer have successfully guided both businesses and individuals through fluid real estate transactions. On the purchasing side, we represent your interests, ensuring unfettered title and an airtight purchasing agreement. We’ve recently represented a manufacturer’s purchase of a $5M warehouse facility to expand its operations.

For sellers, we negotiate your ideal terms. We’ve revised brokerage agreements to negate fees if your sale falls through. As practitioners of tax law, we can also do proactive tax planning, unravel the tax consequences of your transaction, and help you take advantage of shelters, 1013 exchange provisions, and other business and investor-friendly tax policies. When it comes time to close, we’ll explain or revise your purchase agreement form as needed to best meet your interests.

Maximize Your Usage

A real estate transaction isn’t an every day occurrence. Before you close, be absolutely sure of how you are permitted to use your property.

The attorneys at Custer & Custer can navigate complex zoning and permitting laws. In doing so, we’ll help you determine how you can expand your usage—and utilize your property’s highest and best use.

Take full advantage of your property. Hire Custer & Custer as your real estate law advisors.