Employment Law

Employment Law

Beyond the day-to-day of managing people, having employees or even contractors comes with specific legal responsibilities. There are compliance requirements, liability concerns, things you have to do upon hiring, terminating, and everything in between and beyond. Best to hire experienced legal council to strategize your HR: from memorializing employment terms, to advising on ad hoc issues, to making sure you i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed with all relevant agencies.

Capturing Employment Terms

The attorneys and Custer & Custer can help you decide on—then carve out—protective, comprehensive offer letters, employment contracts, employee manuals, and other advisable documents. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have both the deep experience—and the empathic insight—into various facets of protection, including non-competes (and what makes them unenforceable), non-disclosures (and what they should include), corporate security (and what makes it delicate), and more. From setting workplace parameters to safeguarding your trade secrets, we’ll equip you for a vast array of risks.

Settling Employee Disputes

At Custer & Custer, we strive to settle regulatory and employment disputes outside of the courtroom. If trial or hearing is inevitable, we’ll call on our litigators to defend your rights in court. We’ve successfully maintained the rights of businesses against regulatory sanctions, wrongful termination claims, discrimination cases, and breaches of contract. Our goal in any employee dispute is to preserve your assets and your good reputation—and enable you to move forward swiftly and with all possible ease.

When it comes to your business, plan for every contingency. Choose Custer & Custer for trusted employment law.