Estate Administration

Estate Administration

For those left behind, death can be more challenging than just losing someone you love. Proper distribution of the deceased’s estate can be a technical process with many obstacles. Trust a legal guide that can help you carry out this task smoothly and with a commitment to your loved one’s wishes.

Trusted Estate Administration

The attorneys at Custer & Custer can ensure all involved parties honor the terms of the deceased’s will. Acting as attorneys for the estate, we provide executors with sound legal advice, assist in filing necessary tax returns on your bequests, and help you avoid probate as best as possible. We strive to follow the deceased’s will as closely as possible, ensuring their estate is appropriated according to its legal terms.

Settling Will Contests

When it comes to money and other assets, things can get dicey—even among family. Our attorneys can successfully mitigate any issues that arise during the administration of your loved one’s estate.

We’ve recently defended the executor of an estate who faced a lawsuit by beneficiaries to remove him. We’ve also represented the recipients of an estate by obtaining an order to remove both a mismanaging executor and trustee. No matter whom we defend, our interests lie in ensuring the deceased’s will is carried out according to his or her true wishes.

Honor your loved one. Let Custer & Custer administer his or her estate.